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8/21, End of last week at Styleline

Well, it was a sad end. The last day I was there almost felt like the last day of school, I had work to do but I felt restless because I knew I would be losing soon. I asked Theresa for a letter of recommendation, one of my editors offered to pay me if I came back next summer, and I collected my works for my now fully-loaded portfolio.

I also worked on a cover letter that I am going to send to the next magazine I am planning to intern for. This next semester I am going to the SALT Institute for Documentary Studies, which is in Portland Maine. Well, if next summer I would like to intern in Paris I need as much magazine experience as possible , (And I’ll admit it, I like working for a magazine. What better way for things to get published than working at a publication?) so I found a magazine that I thought was very hip and my speed, and they work in Portland so it will be great.  Maine. The Magazine is a Maine lifestyle and culture publication. It is very different from StyleLine, but I feel as if it is the same basic program. Maybe I can pitch a fashion page to them… Interview a local designer, do an on-the-street fashion page boom bam, I’m getting published.

I’ll add my fashion looks from the summer later





I can now attest my lengthly absences to actually being too busy to write.  It seems I have taken over the magazine.

Okay not really, but I am becoming very involved and it makes me sad to think that I am leaving in less than a month! Where did this summer go! This is one of the first jobs where I don’t want to leave. I usually start a job or internship very excited with the possibilities of the new experience. but eventually I will get bored or tired and be ready to move on to something else. In a short 19 years, I’ve had 10 different jobs.

Pizza maker

My First Job
Library Employee

Librarian Or was I??

True Story Based on my Life, Only in Metro Detroit
Bebe Sport Stylist (Retail)

Went Out of Business After I Left
Media Services Employee (AV Nerd)

I was a little heavier back then.

and other less funny jobs… Production Assistant, Paradise Park Party Hostess/Planner, Wheaton Communications Employee, ACLU Communications Intern, and StyleLine Editorial Intern. I need two different resumes, one for Internships and ‘real’ jobs, and one for jobs that bring home the bacon. But anyhoo, long story short I don’t want to leave! I have more ideas, more things I want to do, more events to go to! Maybe if I explain what I have been doing will explain why I don’t want to leave…

Well after the pre-fall shoot with the horse (WHICH IS ON NEWS STANDS AND ONLINE NOW! http://www.StyleLinemag.com), I asked Karen, the main editor, if I could go shopping with her for the next issue. She said she would love to bring me. Well, she has an assistant, Hoda, that usually styles, but luckily for this issue the assistant was on vacation so I had some great one on one time with Karen to pick her brain. Shopping with her was fun, because it is like shopping at the most expensive stores and you get to take things with you and all the sales people are super nice to you (I wonder why.) Also she gave me dirt about shopping at various places, gossip about other magazines in the area, and also told me about the ten million other projects she is working on. Pulling clothes is an interesting process. First, the editors need insurance incase anything breaks and they become familiar with store owners and managers. Advertising plays a major role. If a store advertises with you, try to use them as much as possible. If a store repeatedly say they will advertise, but never go through with it, use them as little as possible.  But mostly pull from stores with the largest collections and highest quality. So we puled a ton of stuff from Saks. Also, you are pulling literally in early July for the Sept Issue. Where are you gonna find a camel coat in Michigan in July.

Chloe Coat

You're are gonna find this nowhere in Michigan for at least 3 more months


Camel is on the brain because the theme was camel and gray with red accessories and accents of gold.

Carolina Herrera

Camel and Gray with Red Accents

Familiar? I think it was a lot more organized than the last shoot because we decided on outfits in the store instead of pulling a bunch of random stuff and trying to put it together the day of the shoot. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I did put together a few of the outfits myself and they were pretty cute… This issues is looking pretty good. I also tried to go to the other shoot but I had another commitment.

Because I am interning in Detroit, I was able to participate in this program InternMich. For the July Session we took a bus tour of Detroit. We visited various places such as the Heidelberg Project, some city gardens, Belle Isle, Midtown, New Center, Motown, Wayne State.  I guess there are a lot cool things, the problem is getting from one to another.  BUT this trip was meaningful because we visited CityBird, (www.ilovecitybird.com)

City Bird Soap

I love City Bird

an adorable little shop in West Canfield right by the Karaoke Bar that Demi Moore was singing at the other day. And this inspired me to do an entire Michigan-Based Designer photo shoot for StyleLine, akin to Vouge’s Top Designer Looks. Well after the bus tour we went to Coach Insignia, a beautiful beige color scheme resturant with a 360 view of Detroit and Windsor. As we were taking clothes down the elevator, I pitched the idea to Laura about doing all Local Designers for the October Issue. She said she has wanted to do that before, and would think about it.

Fast-forward to the next Tuesday when I come into work, I started researching designers that we could use, I pitch the idea to Theresa, who is my managing editor, and she loves it. There is an editors meeting and Laura brings up my idea, Karen and Dale (the publisher) love it too and it is all systems go. So for the past 2 weeks I have been spending my time researching, contacting and planning pick up for local designers. It has been hectic but fun and the big shoot is next week. I am going with Laura shopping and then the shoot is the next day. So on Monday I am confirming all of the designers and times. We are shooting on Wednesday at the CCS Campus.

Anddddd on top of all of that I am writing an article about Home Decor for the October Issue, so that issue will basically have me on the cover. And I also write up wedding announcements for the Celebrations Section in the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press. And I am starting on another article about useful websites for Michigan College Guide. Whew okay, done with this blog post.  I meant to post all my photos today, but I guess it will just have to wait.

lot o’ love


6/21 Long Time Since Last Post

It has been over a month since I made my last post, but I have been so busy with working at StyleLine and summer fun!

I worked on two photo shoots since I last posted, which were both fun. One of them was a bit overwhelming, because all of the interns were there and and one pervious intern, and a stylist assistant and like 4 photographer’s assistants. That doesn’t include the one main stylist, the two hair people, one makeup person, the photographer and the model. So lots of people. I have worked on shoots before with my dad, but this one was a bit more free-wheeling.

The theme for this shoot was Fall Fashion Preview. It was shot at a Grosse Pointe Hunt Club with horses, which was a beautiful location. And there were many beautiful clothes, many of which broke interestingly enough. The sole of a Chanel Clog came off and a $400 bangle just broke off the models hand. I guess money can’t buy you quality either.

The second shoot was at an architectural salvage in Detroit. A very cool place, but apparently we had to hire security. The theme of this shoot architectural influences in clothing. This shoot was much more laid back, with only me and one other intern there. Some (alot) of the items were slightly old lady, or not stuff I would choose, but I guess that is the demographic and for the advertisers(!!!). I’ve learned how important advertising is and how this magazine was basically was created to reach an untapped area of businesses that would want to advertise to women 35-65.

Along with working for StyeLine, I also get to work with other metro Detroit area magazines, like Senior Living, Michigan College Guide, and Michigan Humane Society Magazine, Michganimals. I was able to proof-read the final copy of Senior Living, and I even found one mistake! Also, I am helping Theresa, my editor, with the celebrity interview for Michganimals. We are interviewing Judy Davids from the mom band the Mydols. And I was able to brainstorm ideas for the next celebrity interviews so I know that will be a great addition to my portfolio.

Judy Davids' Book

Also I am able to participate in an Intern in Michigan program. There are three sessions, June, July and Aug. For the June, I went to a Luncheon at the RenCen, which is a very cool and tall Detroit landmark.


The RenCen

It was supposed to allow you to meet professionals and make connections. No one there was really in the publishing industry, so I was a little like… disinterested to say the least. Also it was very “rah rah Detroit! lets stay in Michigan future college graduates!” Going to school out of state and experiencing how other cites are run, I most likely will not be returning to Detroit for a while. That was anther thing, all the ‘young professionals’ that spoke about coming to Detroit, had first lived in other cites and built their reputation and experience, then came to Detroit to start something new. Detroit doesn’t have infrastructure to nurture and develop bungling talent. Just my thoughts.

Finally, as I step off my soap box, I have meet a new nemesis, AP style writing. Being an English major, and AP isn’t really used in academic writing, I have never been introduced to it. It is a lot of rules that don’t really make a content difference, but are used to create continuity in news and magazine writing. God only knows why. But it is a skill that must be learned, so I am learning it, slowly but surly. My copy editor has to speak with me all the time about changes but I am getting better.

Until another month,


5/29 End of Second Week at Styleline

It has been a while since I have blogged, but there has been a heat wave and no air conditioning, so not the proper blogging circumstances more like beach conditions. Luckily, the office has air conditioning and I had an interview in Grosse Point, the weathly area near lake St. Claire. So beautiful and clean beaches to visit. I was orginally doing a article for an advertising section about shopping destinations, there would be a blub for each city about why they have a particular draw and why others should try out new downtown areas instead of the ones closest to their home. A story about the shopping between your backyard and New York.

Well, I had set up interviews with each Chanber of Commerce or DDA in Grosse Pointe, Birmingham, Royal Oak, Ann Arbor and my hometown, Northville and one of our advertisers, Birch Run. Well, on Tuesday my supervisor, the managing editor, and the Advertising Manager had a meeting, and stated that it would be unfair to include the other cities in an advertising section when Birch Run is paying to be in the section. So, not being able to cancel the interviews at the expense of being unprofessional, but not really being able to quote anything my interviewee(s) state puts me in a very awkward position. But it will be good experience on how a real journalist works and deals with the demands and changes of an editor and the people the editor has to please. They are throwing me under the bus, but at least they admit to throwing me under the bus and related to me times they had been thrown under the bus by their editors. It was a bonding moment from current editors to a future editor (me lol).

The Grosse Point interview went well, Ann Arbor and Royal Oak are this coming week. The most uncomfortable point is when I was asked “What is the point of the interview?” Being a class A bullshitter (something learned from my father and from a pervious job where having to deal with high-matinance party moms and erratic bosses was a daily activity) I was able to pull something out about how we may use the information in the future and that it would be kept on file for future information. Not the that was totally untrue. But my editor just wanted me to go to these interviews, be a sweet Styleline ambassador and not waste too much of their time.

Another exciting part of my week was sitting in on an editorial meeting. We have the managing editor, who is in the office and runs the 3 magazines and daily office tasks. At the editorial meeting I meet the two freelance editors that do all of the writing and styling and decision making for the magazine details. They are both very stylish and well connected women in the Detroit area. Next week, I will not be in the office at all (Thank God, I literally go crazy sitting in front of a computer all day.) I will be out interviewing, and then I have TWO photo shoots! So exciting! I will try to take pictures of me steaming clothing or taping shoes!

Chow bellas,


5/19, Day after the first day

I never claimed I was good keeping on track with blogging. But in other blogs my record has been 7 posts, and then I have abandoned it. But I must carry on! So here are the details from my first day. (Names have been changed)

So for my first day I wear a black sweater with black boots and black tights and a hot pink j.crew sweater. I will add pictures later. The day didn’t start out so well, I couldn’t find the parking lot, I got screamed at by this lady when I pulled into the wrong lot, and was 10 minutes late. No one really noticed in the bustle of things, luckily, and I was reintroduced to everyone in the office and taken on a tour of the building. I work in the Detroit News building, but since 1987 the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press have a joint operating agreement under the Detroit Media Partnership. This means they both work in the same building, with the same printers, the same payroll office and the same bathrooms. Well, I don’t know about that last one but it was very interesting to see the different sides of the building, the Freep side, more liberal newspaper, is full of artsy types. The News side, more conservative, was full of wood work and chandler lighting. All and all a great tour given by my new supervisor.

I have two other interns that I met (there are 5 in all) both seniors from Michigan State. They are very nice, none of the catty backstabbing that is seen on Devil Wears Prada, but this is also not New York. The magazine I work for is described as a “magazine for Metro Detroit women, ages 35-57 with a household income of 150,000+”. Fannnncy! There are a lot of advertisements for plastic surgery and skin care, which I get to help write! I also am given subjects to write about for each issue, and my first subject is Shopping Destinations. I will be interviewing various representatives from local towns and shopping districts Chambers of Commerce. I am excited to go around and I will insert a link once the issue is published. I believe it is for the August Issue. The magazine world, working on a August issue in May.

Till Later,


5/17, Day before the first day at Styleline

I am to start my first day at the magazine Styleline, which is published by Signature Media. I am working for a magazine that is under the same umbrella publishing company as The Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News. The most frequent question I have been ask when I tell them about my summer internship is, why Detroit? Yes, I wanted to work at a fashion magazine, yes, I know Styleline is not nationally distributed, and yes, I know I should be in New York or Paris. I go to school outside of Boston, which on the east coast no one ever understands why I would want to go to the midwest, ever. I understand that these questions and feel the need to answer them.

Firstly, I am from Detroit, my family is here, my boyfriend is here, and this may be one of my last summers that I will be able to go home.

Secondly, I need to save money because for the next year I will be abroad. I received a stipend from my school, and I could use the money for 2 months of rent in Manhattan or save the funding for my trip to BARZILL!

Thirdly and finally, as an editorial intern for a Detroit fashion magazine I will have more hands on opportunities, a la Lauren Conrad from The Hills, than I would at a large New York magazine. Instead of making copies and getting coffee, I will be helping to style shoots and write articles.

I am very excited for tomorrow, although I still have not figured out what to wear. Ironically, having moved back home three days ago from school, I am in the process of changing my room from a storage area for the family back into a habitable area. Part of the process of cleaning is narrowing down my large magazine collection. I had narrowed it down 2 years ago before going to college, mostly throwing out my Girl’s Life and Seventeen Magazines. Unfortunately, a GQ, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and Marie Claire subscription have balloned my collection back, if not bigger, to its original size. Now, I am throwing out the Cosmopolitans, Glamours and Marie Claires. Sadness. Of course I am keeping all of the work out exercises, recipes and interesting editorials, anddd my Vogues, Elles, GQs and Harpers. I will add pictures of my downsized collection at a later time.

Till tommorrow,


Here are the pictures of magazines lost,

Magazines that were lost

And magazines kept…

Kept Magazines

And my first magazine

I loveddd Jewel when I was 9, I'm pretty sure she was the first cd I bought for myself