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8/21, End of last week at Styleline

Well, it was a sad end. The last day I was there almost felt like the last day of school, I had work to do but I felt restless because I knew I would be losing soon. I asked Theresa for a letter of recommendation, one of my editors offered to pay me if I came back next summer, and I collected my works for my now fully-loaded portfolio.

I also worked on a cover letter that I am going to send to the next magazine I am planning to intern for. This next semester I am going to the SALT Institute for Documentary Studies, which is in Portland Maine. Well, if next summer I would like to intern in Paris I need as much magazine experience as possible , (And I’ll admit it, I like working for a magazine. What better way for things to get published than working at a publication?) so I found a magazine that I thought was very hip and my speed, and they work in Portland so it will be great.  Maine. The Magazine is a Maine lifestyle and culture publication. It is very different from StyleLine, but I feel as if it is the same basic program. Maybe I can pitch a fashion page to them… Interview a local designer, do an on-the-street fashion page boom bam, I’m getting published.

I’ll add my fashion looks from the summer later




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