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I can now attest my lengthly absences to actually being too busy to write.  It seems I have taken over the magazine.

Okay not really, but I am becoming very involved and it makes me sad to think that I am leaving in less than a month! Where did this summer go! This is one of the first jobs where I don’t want to leave. I usually start a job or internship very excited with the possibilities of the new experience. but eventually I will get bored or tired and be ready to move on to something else. In a short 19 years, I’ve had 10 different jobs.

Pizza maker

My First Job
Library Employee

Librarian Or was I??

True Story Based on my Life, Only in Metro Detroit
Bebe Sport Stylist (Retail)

Went Out of Business After I Left
Media Services Employee (AV Nerd)

I was a little heavier back then.

and other less funny jobs… Production Assistant, Paradise Park Party Hostess/Planner, Wheaton Communications Employee, ACLU Communications Intern, and StyleLine Editorial Intern. I need two different resumes, one for Internships and ‘real’ jobs, and one for jobs that bring home the bacon. But anyhoo, long story short I don’t want to leave! I have more ideas, more things I want to do, more events to go to! Maybe if I explain what I have been doing will explain why I don’t want to leave…

Well after the pre-fall shoot with the horse (WHICH IS ON NEWS STANDS AND ONLINE NOW! http://www.StyleLinemag.com), I asked Karen, the main editor, if I could go shopping with her for the next issue. She said she would love to bring me. Well, she has an assistant, Hoda, that usually styles, but luckily for this issue the assistant was on vacation so I had some great one on one time with Karen to pick her brain. Shopping with her was fun, because it is like shopping at the most expensive stores and you get to take things with you and all the sales people are super nice to you (I wonder why.) Also she gave me dirt about shopping at various places, gossip about other magazines in the area, and also told me about the ten million other projects she is working on. Pulling clothes is an interesting process. First, the editors need insurance incase anything breaks and they become familiar with store owners and managers. Advertising plays a major role. If a store advertises with you, try to use them as much as possible. If a store repeatedly say they will advertise, but never go through with it, use them as little as possible.  But mostly pull from stores with the largest collections and highest quality. So we puled a ton of stuff from Saks. Also, you are pulling literally in early July for the Sept Issue. Where are you gonna find a camel coat in Michigan in July.

Chloe Coat

You're are gonna find this nowhere in Michigan for at least 3 more months


Camel is on the brain because the theme was camel and gray with red accessories and accents of gold.

Carolina Herrera

Camel and Gray with Red Accents

Familiar? I think it was a lot more organized than the last shoot because we decided on outfits in the store instead of pulling a bunch of random stuff and trying to put it together the day of the shoot. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I did put together a few of the outfits myself and they were pretty cute… This issues is looking pretty good. I also tried to go to the other shoot but I had another commitment.

Because I am interning in Detroit, I was able to participate in this program InternMich. For the July Session we took a bus tour of Detroit. We visited various places such as the Heidelberg Project, some city gardens, Belle Isle, Midtown, New Center, Motown, Wayne State.  I guess there are a lot cool things, the problem is getting from one to another.  BUT this trip was meaningful because we visited CityBird, (www.ilovecitybird.com)

City Bird Soap

I love City Bird

an adorable little shop in West Canfield right by the Karaoke Bar that Demi Moore was singing at the other day. And this inspired me to do an entire Michigan-Based Designer photo shoot for StyleLine, akin to Vouge’s Top Designer Looks. Well after the bus tour we went to Coach Insignia, a beautiful beige color scheme resturant with a 360 view of Detroit and Windsor. As we were taking clothes down the elevator, I pitched the idea to Laura about doing all Local Designers for the October Issue. She said she has wanted to do that before, and would think about it.

Fast-forward to the next Tuesday when I come into work, I started researching designers that we could use, I pitch the idea to Theresa, who is my managing editor, and she loves it. There is an editors meeting and Laura brings up my idea, Karen and Dale (the publisher) love it too and it is all systems go. So for the past 2 weeks I have been spending my time researching, contacting and planning pick up for local designers. It has been hectic but fun and the big shoot is next week. I am going with Laura shopping and then the shoot is the next day. So on Monday I am confirming all of the designers and times. We are shooting on Wednesday at the CCS Campus.

Anddddd on top of all of that I am writing an article about Home Decor for the October Issue, so that issue will basically have me on the cover. And I also write up wedding announcements for the Celebrations Section in the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press. And I am starting on another article about useful websites for Michigan College Guide. Whew okay, done with this blog post.  I meant to post all my photos today, but I guess it will just have to wait.

lot o’ love



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