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6/21 Long Time Since Last Post

It has been over a month since I made my last post, but I have been so busy with working at StyleLine and summer fun!

I worked on two photo shoots since I last posted, which were both fun. One of them was a bit overwhelming, because all of the interns were there and and one pervious intern, and a stylist assistant and like 4 photographer’s assistants. That doesn’t include the one main stylist, the two hair people, one makeup person, the photographer and the model. So lots of people. I have worked on shoots before with my dad, but this one was a bit more free-wheeling.

The theme for this shoot was Fall Fashion Preview. It was shot at a Grosse Pointe Hunt Club with horses, which was a beautiful location. And there were many beautiful clothes, many of which broke interestingly enough. The sole of a Chanel Clog came off and a $400 bangle just broke off the models hand. I guess money can’t buy you quality either.

The second shoot was at an architectural salvage in Detroit. A very cool place, but apparently we had to hire security. The theme of this shoot architectural influences in clothing. This shoot was much more laid back, with only me and one other intern there. Some (alot) of the items were slightly old lady, or not stuff I would choose, but I guess that is the demographic and for the advertisers(!!!). I’ve learned how important advertising is and how this magazine was basically was created to reach an untapped area of businesses that would want to advertise to women 35-65.

Along with working for StyeLine, I also get to work with other metro Detroit area magazines, like Senior Living, Michigan College Guide, and Michigan Humane Society Magazine, Michganimals. I was able to proof-read the final copy of Senior Living, and I even found one mistake! Also, I am helping Theresa, my editor, with the celebrity interview for Michganimals. We are interviewing Judy Davids from the mom band the Mydols. And I was able to brainstorm ideas for the next celebrity interviews so I know that will be a great addition to my portfolio.

Judy Davids' Book

Also I am able to participate in an Intern in Michigan program. There are three sessions, June, July and Aug. For the June, I went to a Luncheon at the RenCen, which is a very cool and tall Detroit landmark.


The RenCen

It was supposed to allow you to meet professionals and make connections. No one there was really in the publishing industry, so I was a little like… disinterested to say the least. Also it was very “rah rah Detroit! lets stay in Michigan future college graduates!” Going to school out of state and experiencing how other cites are run, I most likely will not be returning to Detroit for a while. That was anther thing, all the ‘young professionals’ that spoke about coming to Detroit, had first lived in other cites and built their reputation and experience, then came to Detroit to start something new. Detroit doesn’t have infrastructure to nurture and develop bungling talent. Just my thoughts.

Finally, as I step off my soap box, I have meet a new nemesis, AP style writing. Being an English major, and AP isn’t really used in academic writing, I have never been introduced to it. It is a lot of rules that don’t really make a content difference, but are used to create continuity in news and magazine writing. God only knows why. But it is a skill that must be learned, so I am learning it, slowly but surly. My copy editor has to speak with me all the time about changes but I am getting better.

Until another month,



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