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5/29 End of Second Week at Styleline

It has been a while since I have blogged, but there has been a heat wave and no air conditioning, so not the proper blogging circumstances more like beach conditions. Luckily, the office has air conditioning and I had an interview in Grosse Point, the weathly area near lake St. Claire. So beautiful and clean beaches to visit. I was orginally doing a article for an advertising section about shopping destinations, there would be a blub for each city about why they have a particular draw and why others should try out new downtown areas instead of the ones closest to their home. A story about the shopping between your backyard and New York.

Well, I had set up interviews with each Chanber of Commerce or DDA in Grosse Pointe, Birmingham, Royal Oak, Ann Arbor and my hometown, Northville and one of our advertisers, Birch Run. Well, on Tuesday my supervisor, the managing editor, and the Advertising Manager had a meeting, and stated that it would be unfair to include the other cities in an advertising section when Birch Run is paying to be in the section. So, not being able to cancel the interviews at the expense of being unprofessional, but not really being able to quote anything my interviewee(s) state puts me in a very awkward position. But it will be good experience on how a real journalist works and deals with the demands and changes of an editor and the people the editor has to please. They are throwing me under the bus, but at least they admit to throwing me under the bus and related to me times they had been thrown under the bus by their editors. It was a bonding moment from current editors to a future editor (me lol).

The Grosse Point interview went well, Ann Arbor and Royal Oak are this coming week. The most uncomfortable point is when I was asked “What is the point of the interview?” Being a class A bullshitter (something learned from my father and from a pervious job where having to deal with high-matinance party moms and erratic bosses was a daily activity) I was able to pull something out about how we may use the information in the future and that it would be kept on file for future information. Not the that was totally untrue. But my editor just wanted me to go to these interviews, be a sweet Styleline ambassador and not waste too much of their time.

Another exciting part of my week was sitting in on an editorial meeting. We have the managing editor, who is in the office and runs the 3 magazines and daily office tasks. At the editorial meeting I meet the two freelance editors that do all of the writing and styling and decision making for the magazine details. They are both very stylish and well connected women in the Detroit area. Next week, I will not be in the office at all (Thank God, I literally go crazy sitting in front of a computer all day.) I will be out interviewing, and then I have TWO photo shoots! So exciting! I will try to take pictures of me steaming clothing or taping shoes!

Chow bellas,



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