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5/19, Day after the first day

I never claimed I was good keeping on track with blogging. But in other blogs my record has been 7 posts, and then I have abandoned it. But I must carry on! So here are the details from my first day. (Names have been changed)

So for my first day I wear a black sweater with black boots and black tights and a hot pink j.crew sweater. I will add pictures later. The day didn’t start out so well, I couldn’t find the parking lot, I got screamed at by this lady when I pulled into the wrong lot, and was 10 minutes late. No one really noticed in the bustle of things, luckily, and I was reintroduced to everyone in the office and taken on a tour of the building. I work in the Detroit News building, but since 1987 the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press have a joint operating agreement under the Detroit Media Partnership. This means they both work in the same building, with the same printers, the same payroll office and the same bathrooms. Well, I don’t know about that last one but it was very interesting to see the different sides of the building, the Freep side, more liberal newspaper, is full of artsy types. The News side, more conservative, was full of wood work and chandler lighting. All and all a great tour given by my new supervisor.

I have two other interns that I met (there are 5 in all) both seniors from Michigan State. They are very nice, none of the catty backstabbing that is seen on Devil Wears Prada, but this is also not New York. The magazine I work for is described as a “magazine for Metro Detroit women, ages 35-57 with a household income of 150,000+”. Fannnncy! There are a lot of advertisements for plastic surgery and skin care, which I get to help write! I also am given subjects to write about for each issue, and my first subject is Shopping Destinations. I will be interviewing various representatives from local towns and shopping districts Chambers of Commerce. I am excited to go around and I will insert a link once the issue is published. I believe it is for the August Issue. The magazine world, working on a August issue in May.

Till Later,



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