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5/17, Day before the first day at Styleline

I am to start my first day at the magazine Styleline, which is published by Signature Media. I am working for a magazine that is under the same umbrella publishing company as The Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News. The most frequent question I have been ask when I tell them about my summer internship is, why Detroit? Yes, I wanted to work at a fashion magazine, yes, I know Styleline is not nationally distributed, and yes, I know I should be in New York or Paris. I go to school outside of Boston, which on the east coast no one ever understands why I would want to go to the midwest, ever. I understand that these questions and feel the need to answer them.

Firstly, I am from Detroit, my family is here, my boyfriend is here, and this may be one of my last summers that I will be able to go home.

Secondly, I need to save money because for the next year I will be abroad. I received a stipend from my school, and I could use the money for 2 months of rent in Manhattan or save the funding for my trip to BARZILL!

Thirdly and finally, as an editorial intern for a Detroit fashion magazine I will have more hands on opportunities, a la Lauren Conrad from The Hills, than I would at a large New York magazine. Instead of making copies and getting coffee, I will be helping to style shoots and write articles.

I am very excited for tomorrow, although I still have not figured out what to wear. Ironically, having moved back home three days ago from school, I am in the process of changing my room from a storage area for the family back into a habitable area. Part of the process of cleaning is narrowing down my large magazine collection. I had narrowed it down 2 years ago before going to college, mostly throwing out my Girl’s Life and Seventeen Magazines. Unfortunately, a GQ, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and Marie Claire subscription have balloned my collection back, if not bigger, to its original size. Now, I am throwing out the Cosmopolitans, Glamours and Marie Claires. Sadness. Of course I am keeping all of the work out exercises, recipes and interesting editorials, anddd my Vogues, Elles, GQs and Harpers. I will add pictures of my downsized collection at a later time.

Till tommorrow,


Here are the pictures of magazines lost,

Magazines that were lost

And magazines kept…

Kept Magazines

And my first magazine

I loveddd Jewel when I was 9, I'm pretty sure she was the first cd I bought for myself


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